Our organization is made of a group of individuals who are dedicated towards providing support for children by sponsoring programs that aim to improve their development on many different levels.

The primary reason for our existence is credited to people who realize the potential in their old cars. Cars serve the convenient purpose of providing a means of transportation for people. However, somewhere along the line, the car's expectancy runs low and it no longer serves as a dependable means of transportation. Does this mean that the car has absolutely no purpose? Absolutely no!

Just because you might despise your old car and see it only as a burden, it does not mean it has lost its potential of utility. We are a company rooted in helping children succeed in various ways, and this can be further improved by car donations. If you might own an automobile, be it a typical sedan, truck, RV or any other form of vehicle on wheels, and are thinking of donating your car for a good cause, then think no further! We have years of experience that will make the process of donation quick and simple and will definitely put your money to good use.

We provide various services for our clients, such as towing the car at our own expense. Once under our wings, you do not have to worry about filling out any paperwork since we will do most of the work for you. Our towing agents are experts at their field of work and are licensed by the state. The most important aspect that our company guarantees is a calm state of mind. We shall handle the entire process of donation, from beginning to end, and will make the process much less complicated and quicker than selling your car.

Our company can arrange a pick-up today anywhere in the city of Boston. Remember, that you will be given a receipt at the time of pick up and will be eligible to claim a tax reduction. We hope to hear from you soon! Make the right choice!

Boston Car Donation is a vehicle donation charity. We offer junk car removal and free towing service. If you want to donate your old car, truck, boat,or bike, give Boston Car Donation a call. Our services include car donation to charity, used auto donation, junk car tow, auto wrecker removal.

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